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Extensive Capabilities
GFS Chemicals is a leader in the development and commercialization of specialty alkynes and downstream derivatives which can enable the synthesis of larger, more complex organic molecules and materials.  Our manufacturing experience of over 2,000 organic chemicals in bulk and semi-bulk volumes includes other intermediates such as olefins, heteroaromatics or heterocyclics.  Our experienced staff of operators and chemists safely handle bromine, liquid ammonia, butyl lithium, specialty Grignard reagents, ethylene oxide, paraformaldehyde and several other hazardous raw materials at several different volume levels. We have a proven track record for seamlessly integrating with your downstream project


    • Acetylene Chemistry
    • Propargylic Amines
    • Grignard Chemistry
    • Specialty Halides
    • Si blocked compounds
    • Birch reductions
    • Alpha/omega functionalization


    For over 80 years, customers have trusted GFS Chemicals to manufacture kilo quantities to multi tons of a broad range of chemicals across the periodic table. We excel in flexible batch manufacturing of organic and inorganic materials which provides a wide breadth of choices and highlights our expertise. Our diverse technical expertise provides problem solving solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. We understand the intricacies of the products you need. Well known for our responsiveness and JIT delivery you can be assured that you will receive materials of the finest quality and consistency on-time and packaged according to your requirements. We have partnered with many of the worlds leaders in aerospace, electronics, polymers, pharmaceuticals, academia, energy, biotechnology and more in over 85 countries to deliver customized solutions

    The GFS Chemicals Commitment to Service, Quality and Delivery

    Service Excellence
    Our customers count on us to provide accurate and timely quotes to facilitate/expedite the purchasing and sourcing process. You can track your order on-line or we can track it every step of the way and offer customer service and technical support throughout your entire product lifecycle.  And if all of this sounds too good to be true; ask us. We will give you direct access to current customers who have benefited from a trusted relationship with GFS Chemicals.

    Quality Commitment and Service Promise
    When it comes to purchasing fine chemicals and intermediates you can trust GFS for consistent quality products delivered on-time. We still believe the customer is always right so if you are ever dissatisfied in any way, we will make things right.  That is our promise to you.

    Customer Service
    Our professional sales staff is committed to providing 100% overall customer satisfaction in quality, value and service. We have a reputation for developing close working relationships with our customers and our sales staff will exceed your service expectations.

    As the world’s pioneer of perchlorate chemistry and a leading manufacturer of acetylene compounds and derivatives, we have special skills in handling hazardous materials.  We are one of a handful of companies that perform the widest range of technologies all under one business.  As a SOCMA ChemSteward Partner and ISO 9001:2008 organization, we maintain high standards for safety and environmental protection.  We assist our customers with complex projects everyday. They rely on us to provide high quality materials in a safe environment.

    Technical Support
    Our technical support staff is available to answer questions you may have about our products. They are able to access Technical Specifications, Certificates of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets all in order to help you. Should you have any special requirements or custom testing needs, our technical support staff is ready to assist you. In fact, many technical and safety documents can be downloaded directly from our website.
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    Contact:  David Baust, General Manager – Organic Specialties
    614-224-5013 extension 103                                                                    Federal ID# 31-4405875
    740-881-5501 International                                                                      D&B 00-428-4188

    We value your time and your business, and we will treat you like our best customer