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Company History And Mission

Technology has played an important role in GFS’s long history. A family business now in its third generation, the Columbus Ohio-based company was founded in 1928 by George Frederick Smith, a professor of analytical chemistry at the University of Illinois. Professor Smith identified commercial applications for numerous products and authored over 150 papers. Over eighty years later, GFS continues to provide innovative solutions for process chemistry.
In 1997, GFS acquired Farchan Laboratories Inc, specializing in acetylenic, olefinic and silyl chemical intermediates. Accommodating the use of liquid ammonia, the solvent for many reactions involving acetylenes was ready fit for GFS’s engineers, who already had a broad expertise in working with complex systems for handling reactive materials.

Today GFS is a leader in the development and commercialization of specialty alkynes and downstream derivatives which can enable the synthesis of larger, more complex organic molecules and materials.
New catalytic technologies have made acetylenic building blocks more useful than ever before.  To that end, the company plans for expansion of the current 14,000+ square-foot facility in 2011 to include additional kilo labs and expanded bulk manufacturing capacity for additional 500 to 1000 gallon reactors.

Our manufacturing experience of over 2,000 organic chemicals in bulk and semi-bulk volumes includes other intermediates such as olefins, heteroaromatics or heterocyclics. 
An experienced staff of chemists and operators safely handle bromine, liquid ammonia, butyl lithium, specialty Grignard reagents, ethylene oxide, paraformaldehyde and several other hazardous raw materials at several different volume levels.
We have a proven track record for seamlessly integrating downstream projects in the following areas:

  • Acetylene Chemistry
  • Propargylic Amines
  • Grignard Chemistry
  • Specialty Halides
  • Si blocked compounds
  • Birch reductions
  • Alpha/omega functionalization


The mission:
To become a leader in the development and production of acetylene derivatives.  GFS strives to support customer needs based on their timeline and our innovation.  Our goal is to be the first company our prospective customers turn to when their chemistry requires the support of an acetylenic compound or a derivative thereof.