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Liquid Ammonia Chemistry

GFS is the market leader in the development and production of liquid ammonia chemistries and acetylenic and olefinic specialties. More than 600 products are available.

Our liquid ammonia technologies enable the synthesis of long chain olefinic pheromones and precursors. This includes various 10,12,14 and 16 carbon olefinic alcohols, acetates and aldehydes, long chain diynoic acids as well as liquid ammonia/alkali metal chemistries for the production of alkynes (acetylenes) and olefins and specialty alkylations.

In addition, we have dozens of silyl/THP/stannyl protected acetylenes from mono-acetylenes, alkyn-ols, halo-silyl alkynes, silyl ene-yn-ols for use in synthesis projects.

Most GFS products are available in quantities from grams to metric tons. Custom quantities, tailored to your specific production needs are available. Ask us about custom protected alkynes or downstream processing too.